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Why do I need farrier liability insurance?

As a farrier, you are responsible for your business activities. Without proper insurance coverage, a lawsuit could be the end of your business. Farrier liability insurance is designed to help you protect yourself, your assets, and your farrier business.

What can insurance for farriers cover?


Markel Specialty can offer coverage for the following:

  • If a person, other than an employee, is injured on your covered property or as a result of your business activities

  • If covered property, except for a horse, is damaged because of your negligence

  • For claims against products you sell, or work you have performed

  • If a horse is injured or dies, due to your negligence, while in your care, custody and control, you may be protected up to certain limits specified in your policy

  • In addition, your equipment and supplies can be covered against loss or damage

General liability
  • Commercial general liability available limits*: $300k/$900k; $500k/$1.5m; $1m/$3m

  • Coverage includes limited premises, equine liability, professional liability, $5,000 medical payments, and $100,000 fire legal liability

  • Excludes products liability

  • General liability enhancement available to increase limits and provide additional coverages

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