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Horse Mortality

Whether a champion, competitor, or companion, our horse mortality insurance can provide the coverage you need for your horses.

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Equine Farm & Ranch

It’s critical to have insurance protection against claims you may experience when managing your horse farm or ranch business.

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Commercial Equine

You can never be quite sure how a horse will react in a certain situation. Even the gentlest of horses can cause injury or damage property.

Livestock Branding
Farrier Liability

As a farrier, you are responsible for your business activities. Without proper insurance coverage, a lawsuit could be the end of your business.

Private Horse Owner

Horses are big animals. If they kick or stomp, it can cause serious damage. We understand these risks and have the insurance coverage you need.

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File A Claim

In your hour of need, we want to make filing a claim as easy and stress free as possible. 

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